Friday, March 16, 2012

Shopping List

As I take the car apart, the list of parts I need grows.  My coupe was produced in mid-November 1957.  Which has impact on some of the parts I need.

  1. Engine lid and license light housing.
  2. Headlight buckets [2].
  3. Under nose patch panel.
  4. Rust patch panels for both lower rear quarters under bumper ends.
  5. 28PCI carb, metal fuel line, and correct fuel pump.
  6. Door panel chrome trim.
  7. Window winders with white Ghia knobs.
  8. White Ghia knobs for dash.
  9. Driver door pull strap.
  10. Correct two tone interior and headliner.
  11. Floor mats.
  12. Interior light.
  13. Sapphire 6V AM radio.
  14. Rubber kit for whole car.
  15. Lock pillar ornamental plate screws [8].
  16. Door handle and winder springs [4]. 
Well that is the list so far.

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