Friday, September 28, 2012

Usual Rust Suspect

Daylight no good.

The low budget rust fix.

Guess could try to mirror pattern from this.

Pan Rust

After finally getting the driver's seat out and removing the back carpet.  This is what greeted me.  I predict I will be replacing both pan halves.  What say you all?

Washer Pump re-assembled

Overview of everything put back together.

Reservoir with tube attached.

Pump installed.  Did not reconnect wires.

Bottom hose running to nozzles.
The second to bottom picture of the pump, to help the novice mechanic there is a flow arrow pointing downward to help.  It is stamped in spot Made in Germany.  But can't tell who made it.

Bottom picture can see a yellow wire running from the switch, by the bracket for the after-market radio, and towards the pump.

Washer Pump Pics


Pump installed. Loose hose goes to reservoir and top of pump.

Bottom hose runs along trunk until it reaches the spray nozzles.

This is how the wires were attached to bottom.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Door Window Mechanisms

Driver window lift [left] and passenger window lift [right].

Okay early experts, I guess both window lift mechanisms had that plastic disc?  Is there a replacement?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Side view

Since this photo, all the tires are off.  Rear bumper has been removed.  Most of the leaves cleaned out of engine compartment.  Nose badge, speedometer, fuel gauge [ marked 8 57 ], VDO clock with spade connector, and washer pump removed.  Wiper assembly would be also pulled except I can't get a screwdriver into the back where the last screw is, need to buy a shorter screwdriver.

Can see on the driver fender a giant bubble.  Might be rust or the bad paint job from Maaco.  There are smaller pin-prick bubbles in other areas along with cracks in the paint.  Rust in the spare tire well, both rear lower quarters, and engine area under battery.  Going to strip it all the way down and pull the body off the pan.  Then cough up the money to media blast it to find all the bad metal.

Ghia on ice

Picture from a year ago when got subjected to a freeze.  Poor Ghia.  This winter in garage being taken apart.

Washer pump

Has anyone ever seen this pump before in a Karmann Ghia?  It was between the reservoir bag and the spray nozzle.  Had a yellow wire running form it and screwed into the wiper switch.

Door glass

Door glass between a 1958 Karmann Ghia coupe is just slightly different than the door glass for a 1970 Karmann Ghia coupe.  I am glad I took my time when removing both door glasses.