Saturday, March 17, 2012

Papers please?

One of the coolest things that came with my low-light Ghia was the original paperwork that came with it.  Along with owners manual, September 1957, and the little accordion fold tips booklet. Both are in English.

All these documents need to be conserved.  The top one has been folded for so long only slivers are holding the three pieces together.  But one can see in that document dates like 12 December, 1957 and 30 December 1957.  And through the white-out can be spied a price of 7.525DM.  Penciled in just under the 7.500DM price is 1785.71 where I guess Rush converted the price to US dollars.  Also its a Type 143US and color Brilliant Red or L343.

Bottom document lists the VIN, original engine number, again Type 143US and color of brilliantrot.  And a stamped date of 3 January, 1958.  And a final price of 7.530DM.

So my Karmann Ghia was one of those made to US specifications but delivered to a US service member stationed in Germany.  He bought the car from a VW dealership in the town of Trier which is more famous for its Roman ruins and connection with Constantine. 

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