Monday, March 19, 2012

Number of the Badge

More important information to be found in the Karmann Ghia.  This data is very important to track down when a particular low-light Karmann Ghia was built.

Top picture is the is the chassis number.  It is located on the shelf bulkhead behind the spare tire.  My chassis number is 27001.  Bottom picture shows the metal data tags that are located on the passenger side of the spare tire wheel well.  What is also noticeable is the two screw holes above the data tag with the car's VIN stamped on it.  This is where the Karmann Karosserie badge is supposed to be.  The assumption would be there was a badge since there are two holes.  And as a guess when the second owner let Maaco paint the poor car that badge vanished.

What is really interesting about my Ghia is it's a US spec car.  But the VIN places it just five hundred or so before a radical visual change for US bound Karmann Ghias.  Beginning with VIN 1764743, ram protection, or towel over-riders, on the bumpers became standard for US cars.  My VIN is 1764204 so mine has the European short bumper guards.

I wonder if anyone can make a reproduction Karmann Karosserie badge for my car?

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