Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Worse

The metal still has ripples and creases in it.

Yes there is a gash in the metal that was hiding under the bondo.

The entire ring around the headlight bucket was bondo.
I decided to stick with what I am comfortable with.  Loren suggested a propane torch but never used one, so stuck to chipping the bondo off.  Thickness of the bondo ranged from just 1mm to over a centimeter in thickness.  Pretty ugly.  Also found two large holes still in the metal under that thick coating.  And I still have large areas to chip away.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bondo Nicht Gut!

Passenger front turn signal base - issues just emerging.

Zoinks! What a thick layer of bondo!!

With under nose patch panel to give scale.

A closer look at the bottom.
After stripping off the red paint and much chipping around the turn signal, the true horror can only now be guessed at.  There was no attempt to smooth out the metal before the bondo was troweled on, there are ripples in the metal.  Along with a hole that rust has created at the very bottom.  A truly horrid repair.

My next move will be survey my two parts cars to see if they can donate the needed metal.  If not, oh boy.